Monday, April 23, 2007


There are different levels of snoring. Men are more likely to snore than women. Moderate snorers are those who snore every night but perhaps only when on their backs or only part of the night. In snoring, the sound is orchestrated by a wind ensemble located in the back of the throat. When you breathe in, it causes this tissue to vibrate and that effect is very similar to a wind instrument. So how do we stop the 'music'?

Most snorers tend to be middle aged, overweight men. Most women snorers are past menopause. Slimming stops snoring. The snoring becomes less loud, and disappears for some, if they loses weight.

No alcohol before bed
Alcohol before bed makes snoring worse.

No sedatives
Sleeping pills may make you snore. Anything that relaxes the tissues around the head and neck will tend to make snoring worse.

No cigarette
Just stop smoking.

Back off
Sleep on your side. Heavy snorers snore in virtually any position but moderate snorers only snore when they are on their backs.

Get rid of your pillow
A large pillow will make you snore more. Pillows only elevate your snoring level.

Raise you bed to new height
Elevating the bed can help minimize snoring. Elevate the upper torso, not just the head.

Sneezing and snoring go together. Snoring can develop due to allergies or colds. Use a nasal decongestant, especially if your snoring is intermittent and comes during hay fever season.

Put a plug in it
If everything fails, the one on the receiving end of the nasal abuse can wear earplugs to bed.