Saturday, June 30, 2007

Chronic backache II

Take an aspirin a day
Back pain is often accompanied by inflammation around the site of the pain and over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin can help take it away.

Natural anti-inflammatory
If you are looking for a natural anti-inflammatory, try some white willow bark, which can be found in capsule form in health food stores. Taken after meals, it should not hurt your stomach and it works very well on mild to moderate back pain. Those who suffer from ulcers and heartburn, however, should not use it.

Visualise yourself pain free
Use your senses in visualization. The more involved the image is the more you are engaged with it and the quicker you will become distracted from the pain.

Turn your pain upside down
Gravity inversion works wonders on back pain. Gradually doing inversion traction with a proper, safe inversion apparatus for 5 to 10 minutes a day will really work to rid you from lower back pain.

T'ai chi
It is a great relaxation method that helps the muscles in your back. There are a lot of breathing exercises and stretching activities that foster a harmony within the body.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Friday, June 15, 2007

Chronic backache

Some people have back pain that lingers on and on. Some suffer from recurring pain. This is called chronic backache. The following tips are particularly helpful for those with chronic pain though acute pain sufferers can benefit from them as well.

Lumber up
Make sure your bed does not sag in the middle when you sleep in.

Use waterbed
A modern waterbed which is adjustable and does not make a lot of waves is excellent for most types of back trouble.

"S" sleeper
The best position for someone resting in bed is called the lazy "S" position. Put a pillow under your head and upper neck, keep your back relatively flat on the bed and then put a pillow under your knees.

Fetal position
Stick a pillow between your knees when you sleep on your side. The pillow stops your leg from sliding forward and rotating your hips, which puts added pressure on your back.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Backache II

More on how to cope with backache.

Heat relief
Take a soft towel and put it in a basin of very warm water. Wring it well and flatten it so that there are no creases in it. Lie chest down with pillows under your hips and ankles and fold the towel across the painful part of your back. Put some plastic wrap over that, then put a heating pad turned on medium on top of the plastic.

Heat and cold
Use both method if you are being indecisive which one is better. An intermittent regimen of heat and ice will actually make you feel better. 30 minutes of ice and 30 minutes of heat and keep repeating the cycle.

Stretching a sore back will actually enhance the healing process. Gently bring your knees up from the bed and to your chest. Once there, put a little pressure on your knees, stretch then relax. Repeat. It helps your muscle calm down sooner.

Roll out of bed
When getting out of bed, roll out - carefully and gently. You can get out of bed by sliding to the edge of the bed.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Backache I

Trying to move the suddenly immovable is the number one cause of back problems. It causes you to push, twist, bend, lift, punch, pull and strain. The result is back pain and it is not always easy to get rid of.

It comes in two forms, acute and chronic. Acute pain comes on suddenly and intensely. It is the kind you usually experience from doing something you should not be doing or from doing it in the wrong way. The pain can be from sprains, strains or pulls on muscles in your back. However doctors say you can be pain free without any lasting effects by following self help tips.

Get off your feet
Get some bed rest. Any physical act may bring you pain. Therefore for the first few days, keep activity to a minimum.

Do not lounge too long
Get out of bed as quickly as possible when you feel better. Let pain be your guide. It is not true that a week of rest will take away the pain as it takes two week to rehabilitate for each week of bed rest. The length of bed rest does not really affect recovery.

Use ice
Put an ice pack on the site of the pain and massage the spot for 7 or 9 minutes. Do this for a day or two.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Acne III

More on how to cope with acne.

Use over the counter product
Use those with benzoyl peroxide in them. These products come in various forms such as gels, liquids, lotions or creams. It is suggested that you use a water based gel which is less likely to irritate the skin. The gel is used for an hour or so in the evening and wash it off thoroughly at bedtime especially in the areas around the eyes and neck.

Ignore numbers
Acne medications contain concentration of benzoyl peroxide ranging from 2.5 percent to around 10 percent. The percentage has little to do with the product's effectiveness.

Extra care on dry skin
Start with a lower strength product if you have dry skin.

Stay out of the sun
Minimize exposure to sunlight, infrared heat lamps and sunscreens until you know how you will react as acne medication may cause adverse reactions to the sun.

Scrub the skin
Cleanse your skin thoroughly every time before applying any over the counter acne medication.

A treatment at a time
Do not mix treatments.

Stop the spread of acne
Apply acne medication about a half inch around the affected area to help keep the acne from spreading. You need to treat beyond the red inflammatory area. The affected area is not just where the pimple is.