Friday, June 1, 2007

Acne III

More on how to cope with acne.

Use over the counter product
Use those with benzoyl peroxide in them. These products come in various forms such as gels, liquids, lotions or creams. It is suggested that you use a water based gel which is less likely to irritate the skin. The gel is used for an hour or so in the evening and wash it off thoroughly at bedtime especially in the areas around the eyes and neck.

Ignore numbers
Acne medications contain concentration of benzoyl peroxide ranging from 2.5 percent to around 10 percent. The percentage has little to do with the product's effectiveness.

Extra care on dry skin
Start with a lower strength product if you have dry skin.

Stay out of the sun
Minimize exposure to sunlight, infrared heat lamps and sunscreens until you know how you will react as acne medication may cause adverse reactions to the sun.

Scrub the skin
Cleanse your skin thoroughly every time before applying any over the counter acne medication.

A treatment at a time
Do not mix treatments.

Stop the spread of acne
Apply acne medication about a half inch around the affected area to help keep the acne from spreading. You need to treat beyond the red inflammatory area. The affected area is not just where the pimple is.