Monday, April 9, 2007

Oily skin

The good news is people with oily skin are likely to age better and wrinkle less compared to those with normal and dry skin. However, it is quite embarassing to stuck with a shiny forehead.

Heredity plays a big role in oily skin. Other factors that may cause oily skin are pregnancy and women on birth control pills. Both are due to hormonal activity changes. Stress and using wrong cosmetics can cause or exeggerate the oily skin too. Though on certain cases, we are left without alternative on how to control, what we should do is to always keep our face clean.

Besides that, the following may prove to benefit those with oily skin.

Use clay or mud masks.
Generally, the darker brown the clay, the more oil it can absorb. White or rose coloured clays are gentler and work best on sensitive skin. However, masks cleanse the surface greasiness only.

Warm water and soap.
Wash oily skin with warm water and soap. It is better than using cold water and soap.

Use drying soaps
Use a drying soap instead of those which moisturise to solve oily skin problems.

Use the right cosmetics
Choose a water-based product instead of an oil-based one.

Take a powder
Baby powder can do wonders when fluff lightly over make up.

One thing to remember - oily skin has nothing to do with the fatty and fried food we eat. We cannot turn off the oil glands with diet!

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