Friday, April 13, 2007

Dry hair

Dry hair is caused by water! Particularly if we are talking about water of the salty, chlorinated or sudsy variety. Swimming and over shampooing cause dryness to the hair too. Other culprits are including of colourings, electric curlers, excessive blow-drying and too much exposure to wind and sun.

The following is how to rescue dried-out hair:

Shampoo with care
Shampoo washes out the hair’s protective oils. Try washing less often and use only a mild shampoo with ‘for dry or damaged hair’ labels.

Use a conditioner
Conditioners add lubricant to the hair and prevent static electricity which creates frizz.

Believe it or not, mayonnaise makes an excellent conditioner. Leave it in your hair for 5 minutes to one hour before washing it out.

Never use heat
Heat contributes to dried-out hair. So, stop using curling irons and electric curlers and rediscover those plastic cylinder rollers from years ago. For straightening, wrap slightly moist hair under and around rollers for about 10 minutes. For curling or adding wave, try using sponge rollers overnight or sleeping with moist braids.

Protect from the sun
Wear a hat not only to protect your hair from the sun but wear it both on breezy, balmy summer days, and on gusty, frosty winter days.

Beer is a wonderful setting lotion. It gives a crisp, healthy, shiny look, even to dry hair. Spray it onto your hair using a pump bottle after you have shampooed and towel-dried, but before you blow-dry or style.

A trip to the beauty parlor
Steam treatment with oils and creams lasts about an hour and you can really tell the difference.

Finally, old banana can nurse your hair too!