Saturday, April 14, 2007


The common problem is when earwax forms a hard little plug next to the eardrum and has to be removed by a doctor. So, what should we do to prevent that from happening?

Stick nothing in your ear
Never stick anything sharp into our ear, such as a pencil tip or a paper clip. We could tear our eardrum if we do this. Do not use a cotton-tipped swab or finger too. Even while we think we are cleaning out our ear, we may be ramming the wax deeper so it acts like a plug over our eardrum.

Drop in a softening fluid
Hydrogen peroxide, mineral oil or glycerin can be used for inexpensive cleaning of our ear. Add a drop or two of one of the liquids to each ear and allow excess to flow out. The liquid left inside will bubble away at the wax and soften it. Do this for a couple of days.

Once the wax is soft, we are ready to rinse. Fill a bowl with body temperature water; fill a rubber bulb syringe with the water, then holding our head over the bowl, squirt the water gently into our ear canal. The stream of water should be under very little pressure. Turn the head to the side and let the water run out.

Blow-dry your ears
Do not rub our ears dry, instead dry our ear with hair dryer or drop a little alcohol in each ear to complete the drying. This is to be done after every shower.

Make it a habit
Clean our earwax once a month and make it a habit.