Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Nobody is bruise-proof. However, we can lessen the likelihood of large bruises, shrink and heal them by the following:

Use an ice pack
Use an ice pack to treat injuries that might lead to a bruise. Apply the ice packs as quickly as possible following the injury and it must be continued for 24 hours, at 15 minutes’ intervals should we suspect it will be severe. Cooling constricts the blood vessels which mean less blood spills into the tissues to cause bruises. It also minimizes swelling and numbs the area.

After 24 hours, use heat to dilate the blood vessels and improve circulation.

Prop up your foot
Bruises are little reservoirs of blood. Blood, like any liquid runs downhill. If we do a lot of standing, blood that has collected in a bruise will seep down through our soft tissues and find other places to puddle.

Vitamin C
Studies show that people who lack vitamin C in their diets tend to bruise more easily and their wounds heal more slowly.

Some drugs like anti-inflammatory drugs, antidepressants, asthma medicines and aspirins will cause bruise easily. Alcoholics or drug abusers are likely to bruise easily.

Above all, should we find ourselves bruising easily and cannot figure out the causes, we should talk to our doctor about it. Bruises can sometimes be a sign of illness. It is a point to remember however, that we do not have to bump to bruise!

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