Thursday, April 26, 2007


Where do hangnails come from? Those annoying little triangular splits of skin around the fingernails are nothing more than dead skin. The skin in that area, which does not contain a good supply of oil to begin with, simply dries out. It is particularly common among women who have their hands in water a lot or who bite their nails. People who work with paper all the time can get hangnails. The paper absorbs oil from their hands and hangnails is just the physical effect of oil being removed from their skin.

If your hangnails are giving you nightmares, try these tips.

Clip job
Clip it short and clip it early. Just clip off the little tags of skin with small, sharp, sterilized scissors. But before it, soak it in a littler water or a water and oil solution to soften it. Do not clip a hangnail when it is still hard and end up ripping the skin more.

Mom's advice
Do not bite hangnails. You will end up with fairly deep cuts around your fingers if you do that.

Go soak
Soak your hand in an oil and water solution as you would when getting a manicure.

Wrap it up
Rub an emollient cream or ointment on the affected fingers at bedtime and wrap it in a piece of plastic wrap. Secure the end with a bit of tape. The plastic will keep the moisture overnight. Remove the plastic in the morning.

Do not pick at hangnails
If you tend to do this when you are feeling nervous, wear clothes with pockets where you can put one hand in each pocket and leave them there until the urge passes.

Moisturize your cuticles every day. Rub hand lotion into the flesh surrounding your nails.

Cuticle cautions
Use cuticle removing product sparingly and always follow package instructions as it is the cuticle that provides the vital function of protecting your nails from harmful bacterial and fungi.

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