Sunday, May 6, 2007


When something rubs you the wrong way, and leaves a rash, there are several things you can do:

Get on the natural fiber
Switch to 100 percent cotton, the problem will clear up.

Wash before you wear
Wash any new exercise clothes before you wear them. Washing softens the fabrics enough to lessen the abrasion.

Wrap it up
Overweight and those who have big thighs will likely to face this problems. Using elastic bandages around the portion of legs that rub may help. Be sure the elastic bandage is secure so it does not move across the skin.

Keep it tight
A pair of the electric coloured, stretchy-fabric athletic tights or cycling shorts may be ideal to.

Put cotton
Wear cotton undies to separate the fabric from your delicate skin.

Use lubricant
Petroleum jelly between your thighs, around your toes, under your arms, anywhere you chafe, will act as lubricant and glide the rubbing skin against itself.

Powder power
Talcum powder helps the skin slip past other skin without catching and rubbing.

Simply block the rub with an adhesive bandage.

Switch sport
If you have sore spots from walking, try the stationary bicycle. Try a virtually chafe free sport if you have chafing problem.