Saturday, May 19, 2007

Acne II

More on how to prevent and fight acne.

Wash your face
Wash your makeup off thoroughly every night. Use a mild soap twice a day and make sure you rinse the soap entirely off your face.

Natural look
Use less makeup

Blame it on the Pill
If you are on the birth control pill and have an acne problem, discuss with your doctor.

Leave them alone
Do not squeeze pimples or whiteheads. You may cause infection if you squeeze your pimples. Pimples are inflammations. You cannot do anything to make it go away faster. In the meantime, whiteheads are noninflammed plugged pore. When you squeeze them, the wall of the pore could break and the contents could leak out into the skin and cause pimples.

When to squeeze
Although most pimples are best left alone, a pimple with a little central yellow pus head in it can be gently squeezed. It will heal quicker once the pus is out.

Attack blackheads
A blackhead is a very blocked pore. You can get rid of it by squeezing. Blackhead will not cause pimples.